• Layers Organizer Updated for SU 2019

  • Small to middle sized Architecture practice?

  • Uncomfortable with the high migration costs of moving to a 3d workflow, but don't yet need a heavy duty BIM solution?

  • Use Sketchup at the front end and duplicate effort in a 2d application like Autocad?

  • Want to jump from 2d design and documentation to a 3d Sketchup / Layout based workflow, but need a solution for teams?

Sketchup is a great tool, but can it be a viable end-to-end alternative to Revit or Archicad?

If your projects aren't very large, we think it can be when augmented with extensions that plug some gaps. Some of these already exist, others we had to develop or modify for our own Architecture practice of approx 20 people. We make them available here.


Cross Reference

Split a project amongst a team. Cross Reference others' models in yours so you can co-ordinate design effort.

Layers Organizer

Group and sort layers, remember layer states and more, to better organize and work with many layers.

Height Datums Organizer

User define and measure against many project datums.